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Lisa Hayter


It can be difficult to take that first step of finding help, especially if you are finding it hard to pinpoint what is wrong. People around us often push us towards decisions that might not be right for us and might not be ours. I seek to give someone the space and time to explore what is happening, with an honest, open response that enables them to think about their own wants and needs and to have autonomy over their decisions.


Some research has shown that the relationship between client and counsellor is more important than the approach the counsellor uses. I strive to create a non-judgemental and empathic counselling space in order to step towards enabling a person to have independence over their own world and choices.


I mainly work using the Person Centred Approach, however counsellors are required to constantly refresh and review their work and training, and as such, I bring a broader understanding of current approaches and thinking.


The Person Centred Approach sees every individual as having the internal resources they need for growth, and helps people to work at their own pace. I aim to create a safe, supportive and respectful space for you to look at your life and think about how you want to move forward.


Counselling or Psychotherapy?

These terms are often used interchangeably by professionals who offer talking therapy, and can be the subject of much discussion and debate. 

Counselling enables you to gain emotional support and guidance around a particular symptom, difficult situation, or challenging period in your life.

Psychotherapy is often a longer term process which supports insight into emotional problems. These might be deeply rooted issues, which are causing problems more broadly in your life.

However, both these approaches can be present within sessions to a lesser or greater degree.


I provide long term or short term sessions and I am also able to work with you over the phone or using an online video platform.

Sessions last for 50 minutes.

13 Charterhouse square

13, Charterhouse Square

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